What size glove do I need?

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Importance of correct cut resistant glove size

Your cut resistant gloves will protect your hands the best and provide the best comfort if you wear the correct size.

Too small cut resistant gloves

If the gloves are too small, they will be uncomfortable to wear and may cause hand fatigue. When that happens you are tempted to take greater risks by removing the gloves.

Too large cut resistant gloves

When your cut resistant gloves are too large, you lose some agility and dexterity. While the glove will still protect your hand, it can create frustration with your work. Plus your glove may slip from your hand exposing your to potential injury.

What size glove should I buy?

measure hand for correct cut resistant glove sizeTo know which size glove to buy, measure the your hand around the finger knuckles. If you are left-handed, measure your left hand. If you are right-handed, measure your right hand. For best results, be sure to use a soft cloth tape measure.

Hand Size (inches)
Glove Size All except Leather Leather
XS 6 7
S 7 8
M 8 9
L 9 10
XL 10 11
2X 11 12


Need help in getting the right size glove?

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